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The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Deals on Tech Items

1.17K Views0 Comments It's Black Friday and almost every single retailer store are holding its own massive Black Friday Sale event. From furniture to apparels and groceries, everything is on s...

Top 7 Fun Facts About Thanksgiving

1.15K Views0 Comments It's Thanksgiving Day! While enjoying a sumptuous dinner complete with roasted turkey and pies, why don't we learn some interesting and fun facts about this holiday? You'...

Top 7 Amazingly Adorable Ways to Get your Baby to Sleep

519 Views0 Comments   This video just made my day! Any new mom would know how stressful it is (most of the time for both mom and baby) to put young tots to bed. From singing lullabie...

Beginner Lessons: Learn Basic Guitar

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This video pertains about learning how to play guitar easy and will surely result to your playing your first music in no time. Listen carefully and look intently at the demonstration and try to be kin to the ...

How to Make Cold Process Soap: Lye Safety & Ingredients Episode 1,2,3 & 4

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Not everyone knows how to make things that we use in our day to day living. Like soap. Every time we go to groceries, its not seldom that we include buying soap. What if we know how to make your own. This ...

Top 5 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Turkeys

424 Views0 Comments Thanksgiving may be fun for people but definitely not for turkeys. Millions of turkeys will be slaughtered so people can have a proper Thanksgiving dinner. So whether you...

How to make a bouquet – Hand tied flower bouquet

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this is another tutorial

Top 5 Best 2015 Black Friday Sales

415 Views0 Comments The biggest sales event is happening on November 27 and it's called the Black Friday Sale! That is just 13 days away! Retailers have already started promoting their deals...

Cat Care : How to Toilet Train Your Cat

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Top 10 Fun Do-It-Yourself Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

400 Views0 Comments Turkey is, without a doubt, the star of a family Thanksgiving dinner table. But sometimes the overly familiar sight of a roasted turkey on the dinner table every year can...

Top 10 Facts You Need to Know About Bitcoin

398 Views0 Comments There are things in this world which I honestly find hard to grasp, and one of them is Bitcoin. Apparently, it is a form of currency, a virtual form of currency. Not long...


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Dancing buffs, you might like to get a partner and learn with this video how to dance the samba. Dance smooth and feel the rhythm.

Top 17 Service Workers to Give Tip to (and How Much)

374 Views0 Comments Have you read about the LOL tip? Apparently, a group of diners who was obviously upset that they had to wait for their food, left no tip to the waitress who attended to t...

Top 7 2015 Labor Day Deals – What to Buy and What Not to Buy

372 Views0 Comments Labor Day is officially about honoring the country's labor movement and unofficially all about taking advantage of the best retail deals and discounts. Yes, the sweetest ...

Top 10 Trick or Treat Halloween Candies

358 Views0 Comments For kids, Halloween means candies more than all the scary stuff. Trick or Treating happens every year, so doesn't it make you wonder as to what the top trick or treat Hal...

Top 4 Super Useful Back to School Apps

352 Views0 Comments No amount of anxiety or crying over it can deny the fact that kids’ most dreadful event, otherwise known as the “start of a new school year”, has already come upon ...

Flower Arrangements

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You will learn terms and techniques or steps in flower arrangements.

Top Interesting Facts about Veterans Day

333 Views0 Comments   We owe the freedom that we enjoy right now and everything that comes with it to the brave men and women who sacrificed so much to protect the country. So as we ...

ikebana Basic Hana-isho

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You will learn the basic while you watch. flowers arranged according to your artistic design are expressions of feelings of love and harmony.

Top Harmful Effects of Tobacco – an Educational Video for Kids

325 Views0 Comments It's a known fact that most smokers start at a very young age, that is why educating young people about the harmful effects of smoking is important. To join the Great Ame...

Recycle your plastic grocery bags into useful items.

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These are all items you can make out of plastics. you can imitate the way how the art maker do it.

Top 10 Ways to Have an Enjoyable and Guilt-Free Thanksgiving Dinner

316 Views0 Comments Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner and for most of us it means our bellies getting seriously stuffed with roasted turkeys, pies, mashed potatoes and all the other...

Top 3 Practical Tips for Holiday Shopping

314 Views0 Comments Holiday is all about gift giving, and gift giving is all about shopping. However, shopping during the holidays can be very stressful and inconvenient. Here are our top 3 ...

Piano for Beginners: First Lessons

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In this video, the tutors try their best to teach us the fastest that we can play piano. This may not be the conventional way of learning but this could be a good start.