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Top 10 Brutal Effects of Solitary Confinement

479 Views0 Comments The State of California finally agreed to stop the use of solitary confinement of prison inmates who commit crimes while in prison. Although some are worried that this mi...

Top 13 Insightful Quotes by Stephen Hawking

336 Views0 Comments The scientific world must be in a state of disarray right now because of a confusing statement made by Stephen Hawking. In a recent lecture he gave, he stated that there'...

Top 4 Super Useful Back to School Apps

352 Views0 Comments No amount of anxiety or crying over it can deny the fact that kids’ most dreadful event, otherwise known as the “start of a new school year”, has already come upon ...

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Astronauts in Space

277 Views0 Comments Can astronauts get even cooler than how they already are with their space suits and all? Apparently, they can. I've just learned today that astronauts in space age slower...

Top 4 Side Effects of FDA Approved Drugs

377 Views0 Comments Here's a reason for women (and men!) to rejoice. The female Viagra pill called Addyi gets FDA approval and will soon be available in the market. Although some outdated so...

Top 7 Back to School 2015 Tech Gadgets

388 Views0 Comments Kids are dreading this time of the year. They despairingly asked the question, "How can summer be over so soon?", as if there are some sinister underlying mechanisms that...

Top 10 Wireless Routers of 2015

396 Views0 Comments So Google just officially joined the best Wi-Fi router competition as they unveiled 'OnHub', a Wi-Fi router that is described by some as "stupidly simple". Google describ...

Top 25 Cyberattacks

510 Views0 Comments Online Hacking attacks are getting more and more serious and destructive. Until now, the United States government is still discovering just how large and successful were ...

Top 10 Most Amazing and Coolest Inventions

589 Views0 Comments The future is here as Lexus unveiled "Slide", an actual working hoverboard. And it's amazing! The tech geeks are not the only ones drooling over this supercool invention...

I’m sorry, but humans are omnivores.

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There must be some reason why the stomach design of humans and animals and what they are suppose to eat.

How HIV Infects Cells

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The illustration of the infection was clearly seen in this video.


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From this cycle will start shocking, extraordinary, to us ordinary people a condition that is not yet curable by any available vaccine or medicine.


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Painful ! Painful ! Here is something anout your gout.

‘Alien’ Arsenic-Loving Bacteria Discovered! – Drake’s Equation: The Search For Life – BBC Four

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Try to understand what they are saying here. This is they say is a discovery. Has something to do with life.