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Top 4 Coolest Drones

638 Views0 Comments The geek in everyone of us would be secretly drooling over these amazing drones included in our top 4 list.

Top 15 Most Expensive Children’s Toys Ever Made and Sold

483 Views0 Comments Gone are those days when toys are just toys and not some ridiculously expensive treasures which makes us wonder if it’s still proper to categorize them as toys. You won...

Top 7 2015 Labor Day Deals – What to Buy and What Not to Buy

372 Views0 Comments Labor Day is officially about honoring the country's labor movement and unofficially all about taking advantage of the best retail deals and discounts. Yes, the sweetest ...

Top 10 Amazing Infomercial Products and a Few Honorable Mentions

564 Views0 Comments Admit it, one of your guilty pleasures is to watch those late night infomercials. Although their truthfulness might be suspect, those infomercials are undeniably entertai...

Top 4 Super Useful Back to School Apps

352 Views0 Comments No amount of anxiety or crying over it can deny the fact that kids’ most dreadful event, otherwise known as the “start of a new school year”, has already come upon ...

Top 7 Back to School 2015 Tech Gadgets

388 Views0 Comments Kids are dreading this time of the year. They despairingly asked the question, "How can summer be over so soon?", as if there are some sinister underlying mechanisms that...

Top 10 Wireless Routers of 2015

396 Views0 Comments So Google just officially joined the best Wi-Fi router competition as they unveiled 'OnHub', a Wi-Fi router that is described by some as "stupidly simple". Google describ...

Top 25 Cyberattacks

510 Views0 Comments Online Hacking attacks are getting more and more serious and destructive. Until now, the United States government is still discovering just how large and successful were ...

Top 5 Crazy and Simply Bad Crowdfunding Campaigns

364 Views0 Comments Some ambitious architects who are obviously big fans of Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" have teamed up and started a crowdfunding campaign to bring the fictional city of Mi...

Top 10 Most Amazing and Coolest Inventions

589 Views0 Comments The future is here as Lexus unveiled "Slide", an actual working hoverboard. And it's amazing! The tech geeks are not the only ones drooling over this supercool invention...

Android Robot used by dentists to detect pain

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These are just the few of the inventions that we have already, But this one is interesting.

Israel—Inventors Present Innovations in Biennale of Landscape Urbanism

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Watch the innovations. For me, its really cool. I hope that other places would be able to watch this video and do something like that or any innovative, useful, helpful and enjoyable invention ideas.

New Inventions of Technology in 2014.

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We never know that these inventions might be available today, might also in the market somewhere. If anyone can afford to buy, at the amount these might cost. Its worth it. you are a jetsetter!! W...

Berkeley Bionics: Introducing eLEGS

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eLegs is a great machine that helps paralytics to become mobile and be able to stand again. A great tool not only for mobilization but also to regain self esteem and build up confidence.

Living Magazine Cover and Spread – Outside Magazine

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Now no one will ever throw a magazine away... we need to have an extra room for our magazine library at home.

Air Car by Guy Negre on CNN

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This is a very very good idea. Why don't they invest into one of these things so we can buy it as soon as possible and replace out cars with this one? Fresh air .... this could be better.