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Top 6 Countries with the Worst Treatment of Workers

510 Views0 Comments It's Labor Day! It's not about deals and discounts and sales and barbecue. It's about celebrating the hardworking workforce of our country. If our younger generation is s...

Top 40 Most Moving Photographs

473 Views0 Comments Most of us might have already seen online the photo of the lifeless body of the little Syrian boy named Aylan Kurdi. It's the kind of image that haunts everyone of us and...

Top 5 Crazy Lies North Koreans Are Made to Believe

470 Views0 Comments North Korea has, again, threatened to take serious military action against South Korea. Don't get me wrong, threats of war should be taken seriously but I just have to sa...

Once Upon A Time The Super Heroes (3 of 10)

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Once Upon A Time The Super Heroes (2 of 10)

420 Views0 Comments

Even the girls are fond of the super heroes. That time when not just in comics but in television all the girls and boys are imitating them. They are really a true hero to them.

Man Hasn’t Eaten…For 70 Years

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If could acquire the quality of the old man in the video, truly what the other man said, there will be no famine and food problem.

Afghan food market – Cooking in the Danger Zone – BBC

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A little something about Afghanistan.

Cricket swarms are driven by salt, protein and cannibalism

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This are good tips and something about crickets that you might want to know. Though its good i came to know that they do not bite.

The Worlds Longest Model Train! (Official)

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pedophile turns up to a sting with his baby son!!!!!

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An interview with a child rapist [part 2]

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An interview with a child rapist [part 1]

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Witnessing the birth of life on Earth? – The Abyss – BBC wildlife

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Unbelievable! Can this be true? What do you think?

Animal Weapons: Episode 1 & 2

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Each with their own specialize weapon. Its natural in their own body, the liquid they emit has adverse effect to the other, thus becoming a natural weapon to fight against their opponents.

Every 5 Seconds

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How does every 5 seconds happen. I can not help my tears to fall watching children in these video. How can we help?

Hunger in India

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Anger in Algeria

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Not just ones did I see this kind of atmosphere, discontentment and disgust. People are getting hungry, feeling they were cheated. Watch this video.

Five Species (Primates) – PREVIEW

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This is a documentary, interesting to know something about animals we live with on earth. We can differentiate each one from another speciesof the same kind.

Legalization of Gay Marriage

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These are opinions of different people.

Life Of A Muslim Wife In Saudi Arabia Part 1/2 Pious Pure Paak Muslimahs Female Muslim In Islam

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Discover the life of a Muslim wife. For us woman who are living with liberty and can deal with self and authority that is not limited, are we better of or are they. With me ,should i even try to be one? Seems ...

Stephen Baldwin Testimony

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Laugther, happiness, joy and a smile made her employer wonder why she is so free and seem not to worry. with her so blessed, Stephen Baldwin and his family was so thankful that now they could say to other, dude, y...

The Pyramid Code – Ancient Egypt Documentary

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we wonder why the pyramids were built. Are really secrets behind these constructions? We could conclude that there are excellent architects, designers, etc when those were built. Its still standing boldly an...

Archaeological Evidence of Christ’s Resurrection

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Colonoscopy of a rectal Cancer with Hemorrhoids

385 Views0 Comments

. Other medical information to follow about colon cancer.

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