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Top 8 Facts About Earth’s Ozone Layer

425 Views0 Comments The size of the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica is now bigger than North America. This is the hole's largest size since September 2006 when it reached its record ...

Top 6 Worst Dam Disasters Ever

444 Views0 Comments Failure of dams almost always end up to loss of lives and properties. Just last Friday, November 6th, two dams at an iron ore mine in Brazil collapsed and many people are...

Top 10 Cities with the Most Pollution

365 Views0 Comments Pollution in one country affects the whole world because obviously we do share the same atmosphere and large bodies of water. Most of us think that the most polluting cou...

10 Devastating Facts About Hurricane Katrina

405 Views0 Comments It's been 10 years since Hurricane Katrina came and ravaged New Orleans. Although the city has been rebuilt and it's now all about moving forward from the devastation, ma...

Top 10 Awe-Inspiring Heritage Sites in the World

339 Views0 Comments The atrocities committed by ISIS just keep piling up. After beheading a revered 82-year old scholar who dedicated his whole life to preserving Syria's ancient Palmyra, a ...

Top 5 Biggest Fireworks Disasters

632 Views0 Comments   The Tianjin explosion which left at least 17 people dead and hundreds injured was described by witnesses as looking like a freak fireworks show. Just like many ...

Top 10 Animals You Didn’t Know Were Venomous/Poisonous!

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These animal are usually not known to have poison but they do. Educate yourselves. Start here.

Top 10 Most Venomous/Poisonous Animals!

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Remember these animals.

Top 10 Most Venomous Bugs/Insects!

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we should closely look at the features of these insect so we know which insect we must be careful of or avoid because they are venomous.

Satellite images before & after Japan tsunami; aerial, ground video of aftermath

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Here are some more footage in the latest disaster that happened in Japan.

Japan earthquake: CCTV video of tsunami wave hitting Sendai airport

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This is the current happening in Japan where earthquake and a tsunami shook and engulfed the country.

Witnessing the birth of life on Earth? – The Abyss – BBC wildlife

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watch under water creatures.

Jesus Christ Lizard

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Cute extraordinary lizard!!

Top 5 Science Conspiracies, Theories and Hoaxes

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Very interesting, imformative, educational and very revealing documentation about science and technology.

Boxer’s 2nd Puppy Birth (in HD

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A boxer giving birth and cleaning her puppies on her own. The other puppies look how cute they are. These are nature.

The Glory Hole @ Lake

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The Hole: The Black Hole - The Glory Hole Without Water; if the lake is in Low water volume: The Glory Hole Revealed