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Top 5 2015 CMA Awards Moments

377 Views0 Comments It's time for the Country Music Association Awards, and this year's winners turned out to be the same familiar faces we saw in the past years. But the big night was fille...

Top 10 James Bond Theme Songs

400 Views0 Comments Have you heard? Sam Smith has just confirmed that he will indeed sing the theme song for the newest James Bond film ‘Spectre’. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime for...

Top 16 Celebrities Who Are Serious Tennis Fans

396 Views0 Comments Tennis is such an awesome sport that even the super blessed Hollywood celebrities can't help but become fans. And since they are super rich and are able to afford the soa...

Top 14 Celebrities Who Were Victims of Internet Death Hoaxes

2.51K Views0 Comments Darth Vader and Mufasa has just been killed off by the brutal world of Internet. Yes, the award-winning actor James Earl Jones (the voice behind Star Wars' Darth Vader an...

Top 27 Celebrities Who Fell off and on the Stage Literally

375 Views0 Comments Is there anything as sinfully satisfying as watching glamorous pop stars fall down onstage while performing? It is not proper to laugh at someone's misfortune but we just...

Top 5 Absurd Kanye West Moments

501 Views0 Comments Kanye West for President! Yes, you heard it right. Mr. West is running for president in 2020, that is if his rambling acceptance speech at the MTV VMA is to be taken seri...

Top 5 Controversial VMA Moments Ever!

517 Views0 Comments The annual MTV Video MUSIC Awards let pop stars be pop stars and let them do, well, whatever ridiculous things they always do, and this year's VMA is no different. A cryi...

Top 9 Memorable Moments from the 2015 Teen Choice Awards

401 Views0 Comments This year's Annual Teen Choice Awards, just like those of the years before, was full of juvenile fun. Although there really was nothing surprising as to who won and who d...

Top 10 Rap Artists of All Time

379 Views0 Comments Although not everyone is fond of rap music, those who are just can't get enough of its beat, rhythm and literary techniques. That is why the movie "Straight Outta Compton...


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Two from the Philippines mimicking Tom Jones.

Nursery Rhymes with Lyrics

318 Views0 Comments

Here now, little kids, sing your heart out! Moms, the lyrics will help you teach your children.

Justin Bieber – Love Me

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Smooth voice Justin.

Presenting opera singers of our times in line for you

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I feel so wonderful hearing these people sing. They came from different places and some are not yet even professional singers. You will enjoy and hear them so like pros. The difference from ordinary si...

Amazing Child Opera Singer Aria Tesolin 8

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Superb! If you are a frustrated opera singer, you will have a heart content to hear her voice as she sing her piece at 8 years old with a professional opera singer. Or you will be inspired to try to see the gif...

Steve Smith: Drum Legacy

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Playing drums is also a hobby and specialty. You can also be a professional drummer. But it takes not just formal training but experience an exposure to be like the drummer in the video.

The no Lyrics Song by Iyah & Practicing with mommy

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Actually, the no lyric song is Iyah's third composition. The singer is a member of a choir and she is going to sing the song in a christmass concert. Her daughter has the habit of singing with the mommy.

Pianist (5years old girl):Bach Gigue

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I discovered watching You Tube made me really amazed and excited to watch more having seen and heared gifted children do their thing. This two kids. I am getting crazy listening. Wow!

5-year old singing Train – Hey, Soul Sister

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Is'nt he cute? I bet he will be Josh Groban or Pavarotti. Imagine that. What do you think. Or maybe an artist. Mraz close to being a comedian.

Josh Groban – You’re Still You

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Mellow, restful songs from Josh Groban. If you want some more of his songs, let us know. Daily Dose of Video will provide you more.

Oprah’s Karaoke Challenge Out Here On My Own Tracy silva

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Tracy Silva, when i first saw her on video, i thought she wont be a challenger in any contest but watch! Im amazed at this lady.! Tracy Silva, Hurray!!!

We Are Family – Oprah Karaoke Contest

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There will be challengers. Watch out!!

Waking Up In Vegas Song/Lyrics By Katy Perry

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Thinking of You by Katy Perry [REQUESTED, HQ] I gave you one of Katy Perry's song with lyrics. You can sing now.

Katy Perry “Hot N Cold” – YouTube Live ’08

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The You Tube lady. Listen to her song.

Dolph Lundgren – Singing Elvis Presleys A little less conversation

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Mr. Lundgreen, I thought him to be a handsome secret agent or an effective villain. But now, suddenly this guy actor became interesting. Some people that i know never thought that Dolph could sing.