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Top 10 Scariest Movie Psychopaths

575 Views0 Comments Leonardo DiCaprio is set to play one of the scariest serial killers as he teams up again with Martin Scorsese for the movie adaptation of the book The White City: Murder,...

Top 10 Movie Road Trips

478 Views0 Comments This Thanksgiving, families and groups of friends are surely planning to travel back home or travel to some other places where they hope to have a meaningful Thanksgiving...

An interview with a child rapist [part 1]

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Every Bone Steven Seagal Has Ever Broken

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He is the character who's films are being adored as the good guy who uses his hands to break bones.

Top 10 Superhero Movies that Misfired at the Box Office

297 Views0 Comments It is probably safe to say now that the "Fantastic Four" reboot has met its miserable end at the Box Office. "Fantastic Flop" would be a more fitting name for a movie which...

Top 10 Movies to Watch on Labor Day

337 Views0 Comments This coming Labor Day weekend, many Americans would be eagerly looking out for massive Labor Day sales and some would be going on a weekend getaway. Whatever our Labor Da...

Top 20 Movies to Be Released in 2015-2019 That Are Based on Video Games.

583 Views0 Comments Making a movie based on a popular video game is undeniably risky. It can make or break a director's career. Fortunately, that risk is not enough to deter filmmakers. And ...

An interview with a child rapist [part 2]

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Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Fought and Won Against the Big C

339 Views0 Comments Just read on the news today about 90210 actress Shannon Doherty battling breast cancer. God bless her and every woman who's trying to win the fight against the big C. She...

Waiting for “Superman” – Trailer HD 2010

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Every kid in America needs to have a chance to go to school. What if it depends on a lottery number? How would they have a better chance of winning their "future"

Top 10 Death Scenes in Animated Movies

460 Views0 Comments Animated movies are supposed to be full of adventure and joyful but not sad. However even the most cheerful animated movie has its gloomy and uncomfortable moments, and o...

Top 14 Celebrities Who Were Victims of Internet Death Hoaxes

2.51K Views0 Comments Darth Vader and Mufasa has just been killed off by the brutal world of Internet. Yes, the award-winning actor James Earl Jones (the voice behind Star Wars' Darth Vader an...

Top 10 Most Effective Movie Posters of All Time

354 Views0 Comments Movie posters play an important role in film marketing. Just how effective a film's marketing materials can make all the difference between becoming a blockbuster hit and...

Shirley Jones carousel

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A teaser, the "carousel ends like this.

Doris Akers – You’ll Never Walk Alone

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these songs are memorable to many in so many places in the whole world. Its so heart touching. These songs started to be heard 1945 up to now in so many occasions and sung in a movie "Carousel". Try to find one an...

Top 10 James Bond Action Sequences

393 Views0 Comments As the 24th James Bond film "Spectre" is finally released in theaters worldwide, let's take a few minutes to relive the top 10 most awesome and suavest James Bond action ...

Top 10 Movies of the Oldest Bond Girl – Monica Belluci

313 Views0 Comments   Monica Belluci, at 50 years old, would be the oldest Bond Girl as she plays an Italian widow in the upcoming Bond film 'Spectre'. But hey, no one's complaining!...

DreamWorks Animation’s “Megamind” Final Trailer

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Hahaha... this movie is cool.

Top 9 Memorable Moments from the 2015 Teen Choice Awards

401 Views0 Comments This year's Annual Teen Choice Awards, just like those of the years before, was full of juvenile fun. Although there really was nothing surprising as to who won and who d...

Top 10 Celebrity Bridal Gowns

397 Views0 Comments Turned out what was revealed online as Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress is actually NOT what she wore during her private wedding to Justin Theroux. Since she nor her hubb...

The Rifleman/ Chuck Connors- A Fathers Day Tribute

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He is known to be a man good with long type of guns. Everybody is secure and sure they are safe with chucks gun in his hand.

Top 16 Celebrities Who Are Serious Tennis Fans

396 Views0 Comments Tennis is such an awesome sport that even the super blessed Hollywood celebrities can't help but become fans. And since they are super rich and are able to afford the soa...

Top 10 James Bond Theme Songs

400 Views0 Comments Have you heard? Sam Smith has just confirmed that he will indeed sing the theme song for the newest James Bond film ‘Spectre’. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime for...

fourtysix things you didn’t know about Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe is a name every one knows. Almost all are a fan and wants to know everything about her. Even those born during her time and was still babies adored her when they grew. Her name is a byword by ever...