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Top 18 Ordinary People Who Look Exactly Like Famous Celebrities

436 Views0 Comments We admire celebrities and some people go through nasty makeovers and series of painful surgeries just to look like them. However there are a few who were just born lucky,...

Top 10 Trick or Treat Halloween Candies

358 Views0 Comments For kids, Halloween means candies more than all the scary stuff. Trick or Treating happens every year, so doesn't it make you wonder as to what the top trick or treat Hal...

Top 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Queen Elizabeth II

394 Views0 Comments Queen Elizabeth II has just become the longest reigning monarch in Britain’s history. The 89-year old Queen who has reigned for more than 63 years, and counting, has al...

Top 40 Most Moving Photographs

478 Views0 Comments Most of us might have already seen online the photo of the lifeless body of the little Syrian boy named Aylan Kurdi. It's the kind of image that haunts everyone of us and...

Top 10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Buddhism

349 Views0 Comments Most of us are fascinated with Buddhism. Our fascination with the Buddhist way of life probably stems from our lack of knowledge about this nontheistic religion. So let's...

Top 5 Great Prison Escapes

374 Views0 Comments   $1 million a day. That is how much it cost us to hunt down the 2 escaped convicts Richard Matt and David Sweat. Unbelievable, isn't it? The money could have gon...

Top 8 Shockingly Absurd Campaign Ads in 2014

378 Views0 Comments   The world of politics has just gotten very colorfully weird. The hype of the upcoming election seems to just make the candidates lose some of their sound judgme...

Scott Campbell hearts Mom

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Tattoos had been a long practice by tribes and in the present time, it became a trend, decor for body, now a days became a fashion. Some have it to convey message or for you not to forget a moment of your life.

My Makeup Collection

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Now, what can you say i have the total art gadgets for your beautiful face and other etc.'s Learn, imitate, educate yourselves with this vanity sets.

My Eyebrow & Mascara Routine (REQUEST)

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This is another for teenager girls, well actually no age preparation. This a detailed film on how to put on your eye beautifiers easy.

What’s in my School Bag?

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Girls. School girls you have Dulce here showing you her things in her bag. This is not to tell you to have the same in yours but for you to know what you need in your own bag and how to take care of it, to enjoy...

Death Hospital aka Sovia

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Hospital usually becomes haunted because of people who died there and doesn't understand that they should leave after dying. They remain in the hospital sometimes for revenge.

Daily Dose of Video’s Top 10 Short Films from Future Shorts

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Here are our Top 10 short films... it's up to you to observe and interpret what each video wants us to see. 1. Fallen Art 2. Lucky 3. What's Virgin Mean? 4. Post-It Love 5. The Black Hol...